About Us

Sagewing was created by Dave Hecker View Dave Hecker's LinkedIn profilein 2001 in Santa Monica, California and is now headquartered in Denver, Colorado. We emphasize lean, efficient process and well-managed offshore teams to provide consistent quality and great value to our clients. Our approach to application development emphasizes honesty, transparency, and a collaborative approach with our clients. Our 100% virtual office and overseas development teams allow us to be cost-competitive and flexible.

About Dave Hecker

Dave’s love of technology dates back to the 80’s, when he worked a part-time job after school repairing Apple, VIC20 and early IBM PC computers at a neighborhood computer store. During the dotcom boom, Dave served as Sr. Systems Architect for Digital Evolution, a fast-growing Internet services company in California that was purchased in 1998 by US Interactive. Clients included Disney, Microsoft, Toyota, Lexus, and Adidas.

Dave joined Xceed in 1999, as Director of Technology. He managed the growth of the technology services group as Xceed grew to over 1,000 employees in 13 offices worldwide, primarily through acquisitions. Clients included CBS, Fox Entertainment, Hilton, Silicon Valley Bank, Paramount Digital Entertainment, and Philips Consumer Electronics. Dave created and led a software delivery model that emphasized rapid iterations and constant feedback rather than traditional software methods, and was recognized as an early adopter of modern methodologies such as agile and RUP. His leadership resulted in a consistently profitable technology group and the company had revenue of $33 million in 2000.

Since 2001, Dave has exclusively focused on delivering quality and value for clients at Sagewing.