Web development Projects are tough

39% of projects go over budget*

62% of projects fail to meet their schedules*

It’s Very Stressful for Clients

75% of clients believe their projects

will somehow fail**

57% of failures are due to

Poor Communication ***

At Sagewing, we believe
that great communication
makes projects work.

honesty & 100% transparency are the
of a successful partnership.

And so we present

The Open Face Project

Just like an open face sandwich – you can see everything inside!

Ingredients: What really goes into a software project. Good or bad. Let’s look inside.


Not just faceless developers in the background, but smart, energetic people that are dedicated to your project and will be with you every step of the way.


And lots of it. Not just a weekly status report or ambiguous gantt charts – this sandwich needs constant chatter!


Clients have full access to source control system (BitBucket) and our development servers. You can see our progress or even add to the codebase yourself at any time.

Murphy’s Law

In the software business, you have to expect the unexpected – sick days, server downtime, network issues, and other unexpected delays.


Unavoidable, and better handled out in the open. Clients have access to our bug list and are encouraged to contribute!



Clients have 100% visibility into our workflow tool (Pivotal Tracker) and can see what’s happening at all times.


Things don’t always go smoothly! App building is tough, so pressure and frustration are still part of the experience but we face it in partnership with clients.


Two layers of management – a US-based, English speaking Project Manager for day-to-day management and a CTO oversight 100% of the time.


As a true team, we’ve worked together and built something fantastic. The open communication has helped us to be as productive and effective as possible, and we’re all proud of the result.

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** source www.geneca.com/75-business-executives-anticipate-software-projects-fail/
*** source: www.parthenon.uk.com/project-failure-bull.htm